Pest problems

Pest Free 24/7 has listed some of the most common pest problems you're likely to have.

This will help you identify the type of pest you have in your property, allowing us to carry out the most suitable solution, as quickly as possible.


Rats are a common problem in both domestic and commercial situations. Quite often a rat problem can be traced back to problems with the drains. Rats will use the sewers as a means of moving around from one site to another, and are constantly probing for any defects that will allow them access below the floors of our homes. Another way in is when there is a defect in the fabric of the building e.g. broken air bricks.


Mice is one of the most common problems we deal with. One of the first signs of an infestation are their droppings, which can best be described in appearance to “black grains of rice”. One of the other signs is damage caused to food packaging. They are mostly found in and around the kitchen, cupboards under the stairs and also around boiler cupboards. It can be very difficult to exclude mice from a property, particularly flats and terraced houses as there are so many possible points of ingress. In our industry it is often said that mice can fit through the same size opening as a Biro pen (6mm in diameter).


In the UK we generally get two types, although there are many other types. The first example is a German cockroach. This is brown in colour with two dark parallel bands near its head. The second type is slightly larger, but much darker in appearance; this type is the Oriental cockroach. The main differences between the two are the German cockroach is an excellent climber and will scale vertical surfaces, whereas the oriental tend to be found on the floor. The other important factor where treatment is concerned is that the oriental deposits the eggs that can hatch out many weeks later, therefore it is important to monitor after treatment.

Bed Bugs

Of the many types of pest we deal with, this one holds the record for being the hardest to eradicate. The best description of an adult bedbug is that it looks just like an apple pip. They are 5-6mm in length and dark reddish brown in colour. As well as finding the actual bedbug, there are other telltale signs to look for. As they develop they outgrow their outer skeleton and move up to the next stage, in doing so they leave behind the old body casts. They also leave behind dark spots on and around their harbourages, these look as though a fountain pen has been used to deposit small droplets of ink. It is important to note that bedbugs will inhabit all parts of a bedroom and not just the bed.


 Fleas feed on human blood through small bites in the skin. They can jump from your carpet up to your ankles and calves, and a female flea can produce up to 800 eggs during her lifetime. If you have a dog or cat it is important to have them treated at the same time as your premises.


The wasp is a colonial insect living in social groups. Each colony is established in the spring by an over wintering queen which makes a smaller starter nest from paper made by itself by mixing wood and saliva. The colony grows throughout the summer and the nest with it. Many thousand individuals are often to be found associated with each nest, with the workers feeding on nectar, sweet materials and at certain times insect larvae and other animal pieces. The colony develops males towards the end of the summer to mate with the presumptive queens which when mated over winter start a new colony the following year.

Black Garden Ants

 Garden ants are a seasonal pest and are often found in and around the kitchen. They forage for food on worktops and around bins. Good housekeeping is essential to remove all food sources and spillages to gain control. A single ant can lead the way for the entire colony to invade your home. The best way to control the problem is to find the nest and eradicate the queen.


Squirrels have some character about them and are a fascinating creature to observe in the garden. The problem nowadays is they are increasingly giving up the traditional building of a “Dray”, and taking the easy option of using our roof spaces. Like all rodents, squirrels are constantly gnawing; this is not so good when it happens to be on our roof timbers and electrical cables.

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